Latest versions:
Smart-Clip v5.03 (08.09.2011)
SmartMoto v4.33 (21.05.2014)
S-Card v3.13 (05.02.2014)

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SmartMoto v.4.33

Note: Install SmartMoto v4.33 only after the Smart-Clip was updated to the latest version and registered with S-Card. As soon as SmartMoto installation is completed the PC must be restarted.

Download SmartMoto v.4.33 European
Download SmartMoto v.4.33 European (No IMEI)
Download SmartMoto v.4.33 Asian

Accessing SmartMoto section on

  1. Open using Internet Explorer
  2. Create user account using Register option
  3. Login using entered credentials
  4. Open clip login page
  5. Connect your clip to PC using LPT cable. Power the clip on
  6. Press "Login" button in ActiveX control loaded on clip login page
Free access to the file system on is granted to each Smart-Clip user throughout one year from the moment he updates his smart-clip first time.

Backup full flash

The function is implemented for fully safe SmartMoto operation with cell phones. Allows easy phone repair with flash file created from an identical handset. In phones with unrestorable security area it will not be changed during flashing.

Restore full flash

This function enables to restore the phone to its initial state using previously made backup file.

Note: backup files are created only for the clip that they were made with.
You can't use "restore" feature with the backup file made by any other clip

Auto backup/restore security area

For those models where security area does not restore it will be autosaved while entering boot mode. If needed this zone can be restored with restore security area function.

Read phone info

You can get full information on your phone, namely:
  • Model
  • IMEI
  • User code
  • Security code
  • Operation band
  • Firmware
  • Flex version
  • Language pack


Simple phone flashing

Repair flashing

Full phone flashing (including EEPROM zones) by a working flash file. Full flash files are prepared by Smart-Clip developers team and put out for Smart-Clip users on our server.

PC flash

PC-Flash option along with support of *.pcf flash files is fully moved from SmartMoto to the SCout software. Also, flashing of the i-mode, Compal, Chi Mei and some Argon based handsets is available on SCout. For more details, please visit official SCout web site.

Restore IMEI

IMEI section of SmartMoto service software was implemented by developer of this program for repair (original IMEI restore) purposes only!

For some models IMEI could be restored simply by connecting the handset to SmartMoto via Smart-Clip as for flashing.

Some models require to be flashed with IMEI repair firmware patch, only after that IMEI could be restored.

In some cases flash chip on phones PCB requires to be replaced, to allow user to restore IMEI.

However, every user that applies to this option must remember the original IMEI to be able to restore it. In any case if SmartMoto user,

during phone repair process, applies IMEI that differs from the original IMEI, which was previously set with the phone, is doing that on his own responsibility.

Developer of SmartMoto software does not take any responsibility for any incorrect use of that program

SmartMoto v.1.23

Compatible with Smart-Clip v2.26 only. No S-Card dongle required.

Download SmartMoto v.1.23 European
Download SmartMoto v.1.23 European (No IMEI)
Download SmartMoto v.1.23 Asian
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